Creations can come in many forms so this page is quite eclectic! If you feel inspired please feel free to send me your own creations.


Food Creations

Share in my joy of lacto-fermentation with this introductory article: The Simple Art of Lacto-fermentation

And learn how you can lacto-ferment here: Lacto-fermentation Recipe


Visual and Verbal Art

Drawings and musings on how peace is connected to art: Summer and the Way of Art


Wordplay – Poetry

A musing on the meaning of Christmas: On Christmas Trees

A poem: What Can I Tell You?

Poem: Garden Poem 

Inspiration from the Sea: Dolphin Poem

Hypnotic ramblings from my husband with his Hypnotic Poetry Experiment no.3 (for 1 and 2, and more ravings, check out his Soundcloud page here: David Goahead)

A dedication to a great author: Dedication poem

A poem about crisis: We’ve Been Preparing

Five Elements Prayer


Wordplay – Meetings with the Gods and Goddesses

Shiva on the beach: The Haunted Beach

A chaos-dance: The Chaos of the World

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