Welcome to the Abundance Garden, a place to share dreams, actions, events and ideas reflecting and growing the glorious abundance that is our world.


What is Abundance Garden?

My name is Charlotte Holloway Ashwanden and I shall be your Abundance Hostess. As you wander through this fertile blog you may encounter all kinds of themes and ideas, but you may notice an overarching whole connecting all like a mycelial network: that we all have the power to create practical positive solutions to our world.

The blog has 5 main sections:

Ideas – Theories and pontifications from a positive, holistic perspective, which will hopefully turn into actions in the near future

Actions Stories of particular events and activities which help to Garden Abundantly

Creations – Art, recipes, stories, poems and designs.

Networks – Here we can share those who have inspired us and help to inspire others, as well as being a space for those who enjoy reading this blog to connect with each other directly.

Workshops & Resources – Online versions of my interactive workshops including practical instructions for things to make which can help you in abundant living. If you are interested in booking me for the real thing, please feel free to get in touch!

Enjoy the dance…



Let’s celebrate nature’s elemental abundance 🙂 Photo by David Aswhanden

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