Five Elements Prayer

I pray

That the world shall be revealed as what it is

And that I may see all that needs to be seen by me

That I remember that I am in the right place

And that the words of my heart carry truth


I pray

That the great Earth holds us

Pachamama, raise us up; Bhoumi, root us down

Opening blue-lotus petals to the seed within Gaia’s womb;

That Amaru and Hecate hold safe the keys to our darkness within


I pray

That the great Waters run pure and fresh

That Viracocha refreshes us with his tears

Joy in pain; that Danu and Ganga may give sustaining life;

That Mamakiya washes away that which we need not


I pray

That the great Fire continues to burn within

Each one of us; that Brigid shall strike away fear and doubt

With smouldering spears; Shiva dance the flames of the world;

That Inti and his fire-cats hold the balance of destruction and creation


I pray

That the great Airs of the world shall be clear

Weaving connections between our souls;

That Aura shall protect, and Vayu keep playing with the breeze;

That Hummingbird, Condor, Eagle guide our ways


I pray

That the great Spirit holds the place, the still place;

The place where all must come alone, and be with all the world;

Akasha, Allah, the Holy Ghost – all names

To call that which can not be named.


I pray

That those who are lost may find their truth;

That those who pray become aware of whom they speak;

Since prayer is an act of all humanity

And we align ourselves with those who we call in our hearts.





Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

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