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Below are links to different groups around the UK and beyond who are also inspiring to Garden Abundance, and resources to help you find, plan or start projects of your own.


Brighton and Hove Food Partnership: Encouraging a healthier attitude to food through various projects and campaigns including Love Food Hate Waste and creating community gardens. Based in Brighton but lots of resources and transferable ideas.

Food Waste Collective: collecting and redistributing surplus food (Brighton based, but a source of good ideas for those not resident in Brighton). Also on Facebook here.

Gleaning Network: Collecting fruit and vegatables from farms which would otherwise waste it due to economic constraints, and redistributing the food to people who need it. The website includes a place to sign up as a volunteer ‘Gleaner’!

This is Rubbish: Art and performance pieces to raise awareness and provoke questions about food waste in the UK



Tree-Yo Permaculture: Tree-Yo – very informative site with a lot of free downloadable resources.

Permaculture Research Institute: A research facility based in Australia but the website has lots of courses, forums and news – for my contributions check out Charlotte on PRI

Permaculture Association UK : Connect to groups, projects and demonstration sites all around the UK. The Permaculture Association run the UK Permaculture Diploma Course and the LAND Permaculture Demonstration Network . There is also a general Noticeboard for events, news, jobs and opportunities.

Permaculture Magazine, UK : The website of the print magazine. Lots of ideas and theories, although it may be prudent to bear in mind that most of the contributors are unpaid, which means the articles may be biased towards whichever product/service the writer is offering.

But what’s new? (For more on media analysis and why it might be important for you, you could try the Media Lens website).

That said, I have also been published on the Permaculture Magazine website and you can find my contributions here. Why not try reading them, then you can make your own mind up about my bias(es)?

The Brighton Permaculture Trust : based in Brighton but useful for everyone with information and ideas about permaculture and different projects such as the Orchards Without Borders partnership.


Interactive Maps

Helpx: View Helpx hosts (projects or homestays where you can help out in exchange for food and board) using their interactive map pages:



France (probably the most popular)


Other countries and regions are available on the website – just have a browse.

Plan Zheroes: connecting those who have a surplus of food with those on need of food using the Plan Zheroes Interactive Map

Ecovillages and other alternative communities – quite a good (though incomplete) interactive map here: Eco-Villages Interactive Map – its descriptions are in French, so if anyone knows of any in other languages please let me know as it would be helpful to post these too.

Seed Freedom: Put your seed sovereignty actions, events and projects on the Seed Freedom Map.

Local food exchange: Exchange, trade or sell any surplus fruit or vegetables you have grown using this map from Growington.



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