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Poem: We’ve Been Preparing

We’ve been preparing for this

Reaching deep roots down through deep earth

Finding lips that would kiss

From those that speak against self-worth


Did you think it was you?

Wrapped up in the details of future days

Did you think this is new?

You didn’t notice maybe through the haze


Of never-ending appointments and fears

Myriad hooks to catch the mind

Grudging actions, repressed tears

Forgetting that you, only you can find


The gifts you seek deep inside you

And while you were groping outside

You didn’t hear the other voices calling, true

Calling out truth from the place you hide


This isn’t the first apocalypse

We are ready, ready to dance

To hold the stillness within us

And move towards what could be our last chance


We’ve been preparing for this

Reaching deep roots to hidden springs

Listening to all silent voices

Overturning the old, to grow new things.

Poem: A Dedication

Under the stones of the river flowing cold

Reverberations of all the words so old

Sound for the connected souls who care to hear

Undulating rhythms, yet somehow so clear

Let those who wish to receive them gather in

And offer love; respect; honour – with a grin


Knowing what we have lost, wise beautiful soul


Let’s remember the way back to being whole

Ever the words remain while we can hear them

Gaining inspiration, and holding dear them

Using our power, hopefully, within the

Internal equilibrium, weaving, we

Now rejoice in the words which help us be free.


In memory of a great word-weaver, who this year joined with the infinite

Photo by David Ashwanden

Garden Poem

Come Into the Garden


Come into the garden – come into the garden now

You can come, if you want to

It’s easy you don’t need to know how

All that you thought before was ok

The sugar-coated Disney lies

Why did you think that was the right way

To put veiled violence in bright animations before children’s eyes?

To fill them over and over again

With fears of silence and songs with no sense

With tales of bad boys and stifled exploration

It’s ok, you just thought there was no other way

It’s ok now, in the garden even you can play


We can give them new gifts of sweet excitation

When you run around in the garden you sometimes get dirty

When you leave your sterile house you sometimes feel the wind, free

It may seem unnerving but if you give in to the sensation

Behind all our strange cages of culture you can sense the ecstasy

And maybe you can find your own way

Maybe your way is the way of sugar-coated lies and lines between dreams and reality

In the garden you can see there are many ways

The children are choosing theirs every day

And you can choose for yourself nobody else

Nobody else but me can choose and I can choose for nobody but me